“The are 360 degrees. Why stick to just one?”

—Zaha Hadid

Future Tech (01)

UX/AR/AI /// Ethics /// Concepts
Is profit at odds with ethics? Is it ethical to build an 'addictive' product? Can targeted ads go too far? As digital products take up more of our attention, we need to make sure that they are designed with the best intentions in mind.

Creation (02)

Graphic Design /// Art /// Illustration
How do we best utilize design? What objectives should it have? How do you find and use inspiration effectively? Why create at all? I have always found meaning in creating communicative and engaging visuals. Words are powerful, but how they are displayed and delivered can convince one to turn them into action.


Meditation /// Connection /// Acceptance
Can meditation apps be counter-productive? How do technology and meditation intersect? Has the 'McMindfulness Movement' caused particular insights to be hidden? I have been a practicing meditator for over a decade and, at this point, it is inseparable from how I see the world, so here is where I share my thoughts.