I'm Jason

I'm Jason

I'm also a UX Designer & Researcher living in Seattle, Washington.

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UX Designer & Researcher

For the past decade, I have been a painter, an animator, game designer, illustrator, graphic designer, and now a UX Designer & Researcher. All of them ending up being necessary stepping stones leading me to become the endlessly inquisitive and determined individual you see above.

My Graphic Design Portfolio

I am a recent graduate of the Thinkful Online Bootcamp and have creative industry experience. I have an education in illustration and a background in graphic design looking to bring both skill sets to UX.  But, more than that, I want to help others view themselves and the world in a more helpful way. It is a fundamental belief of mine that good design heals the world by having the right aims in mind. Data is a powerful thing and it should only be used to create products that aim to improve our well-being. I want to work on products that bring wisdom to everyday people.

Some of my most favorite products are Headspace, Jour, Blinkist, Lucid, and Brain.fm. What these products have in common is they are tailored, on-demand experiences that help heal me in some way. After a stressful moment or a time when I noticed I may not have been my best self, these products have either given me wisdom or helped me discover wisdom within myself.

I want to work on products that improve well-being through education, psychology, medicine, or science.

Good design heals.


Academy of Art University
2015 – 2018
BFA Graphic Design

Laguna College of
Art & Design

2008 - 2012
BFA Illustration


2020 – 2021
UX/UI Certificate

Tether Inc.
2019 – 2020
Graphic Designer

MKTG Experiential Marketing
Design Intern

I’m currently looking for work at a company who's dedicated to creating products that help users relate to themselves, the world, and others better.